José Rafael Striedinger

Game designer and engineer from Colombia focused on systems and storytelling. Software engineer with 5+ years of experience and creator of award-winning Currently in LA pursuing a Master’s at USC Games.

Crafting Gameplay and Stories under multiple challenges

Sorelle Unreal Engine 5

Sorelle – Gameplay Engineer

3D action adventure game on Unreal Engine 5 with multiple characters. Developed a Ground Pound mechanic and a robust dialogue subsystem in C++ & Blueprints.


Deep World – co-creator

2D Procedurally animated suspense game on Unity telling an emotional story with voice acting. I designed and developed gameplay and systems like AI, checkpoints, cinematics, and game feel (vfx, lighting, postprocessing, etc).

A Pigeon’s Tale

A Pigeon’s Tale – Technical Designer

3D point-and-click narrative game on Unity. 2023 IndieCade’s Hidden Heroes Jam “Aesthetic” category winner. I was the only developer and designer behind the implementation, creating all the systems, mechanics, and level design. I also work on narrative design through gameplay.


Game Designer

3D couch co-op musical adventure game on Unity. A USC Master’s thesis project. I worked on design documentation, playtesting, and mechanics prototyping.

Passionate about helping others

ARKDE Elearning platform

I founded, designed, developed, and currently operate an eLearning platform teaching game programming and digital art to more than 1000 Hispanic students. With more than 120 hours of prerecorded educational content co-created with multiple Latino engineers and artists from companies like Teravision Games and Electronic Arts.

Winner of an Epic Games MegaGrant in late 2021.

Experimenting with technology and narrative

Detective interrogation using ChatGPT + Oculus VoiceSDK

A paper examining how game mechanics can be designed to drive, and enhanced emotions

A Twine story based on Gary Alan Ruse short story of the same name.