José Rafael Striedinger

Game designer and engineer from Colombia focused on systems and storytelling. Software engineer with 5+ years of experience and creator of award-winning Currently in LA pursuing a Master’s at USC Games.

Creating Gameplay and Systems under multiple challenges


Technical & Systems designer

2D Procedurally animated suspense/horror Unity game for USC Games class. I designed and developed gameplay and systems like AI, checkpoints, cinematics and more including game feel (vfx, postprocessing etc).

A Pigeon’s Tale

Technical & Systems designer

3D point-and-click wholesome Unity game. IndieCade’s Hidden Heroes Jam “Aesthetic” category winner. I was the only developer and designer behind the implementation, creating all the systems, mechanics and level design.


Gameplay Engineer

3D action adventure game on Unreal Engine 5 with multiple characters. 2024 TBA. Developed a Ground Pound mechanic and a robust dialogue subsystem in C++.

Experimenting with technology and narrative

Detective interrogation using ChatGPT + Oculus VoiceSDK

A paper examining how game mechanics can be designed to drive, and enhanced emotions

A Twine story based on Gary Alan Ruse short story of the same name.

And passionate about helping others

ARKDE Elearning platform

I founded, designed, developed and currently operate an eLearning platform teaching game programming and digital art to more than 1000 Hispanic students. With more than 120 hours of prerecorded educational content co-created with multiple Latino engineers and artists.

Winner of a Epic Games MegaGrant in 2021.