José Rafael Striedinger


RainWorld meets Playdead's INSIDE. An atmospheric adventure game set deep under an alien sea with procedural animation and AI creatures

DeepWorld is a semester-long USC Games group project in collaboration with two sound designers from Berklee School of Music. A 2D Unity game about emotional storytelling through systems and procedural animation.

My contributions

  • Cinematics and scripted scenarios: using our gameplay systems to create emotional scripted cinematics including the complete design and development of the intro and first level of the game
  • AI system design: developing a state machine where the creatures can detect the player, chase him, and eat him unless it’s hidden or very far away, resulting in a realistic and suspenseful player experience with smart enemies that react to your actions.
  • Gameplay Design & development: Author the main gameplay loop and the systems it involved. Including player movement, checkpoints, enemy patrols and more. All designed to be “editor friendly” that enabled the team to design the levels easier.
  • Game feel details: Main designer in charge of game feel elements to sell our alien and dangerous underwater world. Including lighting, vfx,particules system, camera noise and more.
  • Production: worked on team-facing design macro and lead the audio direction with our Berklee collaborators, meeting weekly and following organized 2-weeks sprints.