José Rafael Striedinger


Sorelle is an Unreal Engine 5 puzzle adventure game created with a team of 30+ USC Games students. In the game you control three sisters with different abilities, and you can swap between them in real-time.
Jose Striedinger portfolio Sorelle

Main contributions

  • Dialogue System: designed and developed a complex dialogue system prioritizing ease of use for game and narrative designers on the team. Developed from scratch as a UE5 Subsystem with C++ and Blueprints.
    • Improved game writers workflow by not asking them to touch the engine but making all the dialogues on a spreadsheet that the system reads
    • Created documentation for the designers on how to use the system for scripted scenarios and cinematics
  • Character swapping: developed the main core mechanic of swapping between characters in real-time with smooth camera transitions. Developed on C++
  • Ground Pound: Inspired by Jak and Daxter mechanic, I co-designed and developed a ground pound ability, enabling designers to easily edit the main features of speed, height and more. C++ and Blueprints.
  • Game Mode setup: created a Game Mode in Unreal Engine that makes setting up the game easier by automatically create and position the characters when the game starts. This made designers lives easier as they did not have to worry about “placement” when they game starts or when they are testing levels.