José Rafael Striedinger

Reborn: Pangurban

A 3rd person platforming and narrative game made on Unity where you collect memories through an interactive item system that triggers dialogues and VO. An original twist on "Pangur Bán", a 9th century Old Irish poem. A love letter to the furry friends we've had along the way.

Main Contributions

  • System design: designed and implemented an interactive-item system with dialogue and voice-over. Also created a progression system tracking our players interactions.
  • Game feel: work on multiple game feel elements like post-processing, lighting and a beautiful stained glass shader.
  • Gameplay design: Designed, developed and tested a climbing mechanic for our main character to work alongside our established procedural movement mechanic created by another developer of the team
  • UI Programming for the main menu as well as user feedback, letting player know what they can interact with.
  • Level design: designed and implemented the main scene of the game, conveying narrative and gameplay flow. As well as high attention to detail for the garden level and implementing the art created by the team