José Rafael Striedinger


A physics-based puzzle game for iOS about a small subatomic particle named Bloobo, created by a team of 15+ as a USC Master Thesis project. More than 30 puzzles where Bloobo rolls and bounce all around using various physics tools and the ability to create your own levels in The Lab.

In Bloobo your player objective is simple: get the Bloobo (a little ball) into the right tube by placing and rotating different tools and avoiding obstacles. You do not directly control the Bloobo, instead, you see different tools to affect its velocity and direction like bouncers, rails, and accelerators. Meanwhile, obstacles can include things like Blackholes, deathtraps etc.

Gameplay Design

  • Level design and implementation on Unity using editor tools
  • Assisted in the design of introductory levels the teaches the player how to play
  • Collaborated on level playtesting and QA, finding bugs and improving level design thanks to feedback.
  • Implemented a soft body physics on the Bloobo character that effectively improved the game feel of the character

Level Designed to challenge the player’s “rail” skills. The inspiration is that by moving the rails, the player designs a roller coaster avoiding obstacles.

Level design to help the player understand the importance of velocity and precision. Inspired by Donkey Kong Country’s original barrel cannon levels. Here the player needs to move around the cannons and accelerator between the deathtrap maze to get to the end.

bloobo level design