José Rafael Striedinger



I’m a technical game designer, and experienced software engineer from Colombia, the land of coffee, vallenato, and colors! (as you can see in my 2nd pic). I’m currently living in Los Angeles pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media and Game Design at USC Games. I’m also the founder of, an Epic Games Mega Grant-backed independent eLearning platform with more than 900 students that was born out of my own frustration with the lack of game dev education in Colombia and Latin America.

All those experiences have shaped me into a creative problem-solver and leader, a detail-oriented designer with an eye for visual direction, and a professional who prioritizes user feedback when creating experiences.

Inspired by professors like Richard Lemarchand I’m working on becoming a storyteller and future Creative Director, interested in creating emotionally rich experiences that touch people’s hearts through gameplay, environmental storytelling, and complex characters.

Last but not least, I want people to remember me in the future as someone who pushed the Latin American game industry forward, helping to have more Latino representation in the industry worldwide.

Click here to download CV (Oct 23)